Oil Spill Kits to face any accidental discharge in the factory


Oil spill kits are essentially a collection of tools comprising of absorbents of oils and other hydrocarbon fluids which may spill over the floor while they are being manufactured in the factories. So it is imperative for the factory or workshop owners to procure them before the work starts so as to ensure the safety…

Fire Cabinets

Fire Cabinets

Fire cabinets are nothing short of a necessity in environments where materials that are notorious for catching fire need to be stored….

Types of Oil Skimmers and Their Uses

oil skimmers

Oil skimmers are special machines that are able to remove all floating particles from the liquids of different type like water….

Flammable liquids cabinet

bunded warehouse green open

A flammable liquids cabinet is a must have in any place that handles flammable liquids. The general purpose of the cabinet is to safely store containers of flammable or combustible liquids which can vary depending on the industry and environment. Shelves are specifically designed to slant spills away from the other containers, preventing a dangerous…

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet


Flammable liquid storage cabinets help in storing flammable liquids safely in a place which is fire resistant. These cabinets come in with double wall and in 18-gauge steel construction where there are two-vent that come along with flash arresters which allow all the hazardous vapors to escape from the cabinet if required. There are online…

Plastic Drum Covers To Protect Your Drums

plastic drum

Many homes and businesses utilize drums for storage. These drums are used to store water, oil, fuel and sometimes even chemicals. The different application of drums has led to an increasing number of drums in the market. It is important that the contents of the drum be protected from any external contamination. Most items stored…

How to Use Oil Absorbent Materials to Increase Safety in the Workplace

oil absorbent pads

There are many places such as factories and industries, where spillage of kinds of oils or greases can be seen….

Ensure that your chemicals are kept safe and secure with chemical storage


When storing chemicals, many factors must be taken into account. Some of the various chemicals that you might expect to be kept in a chemical storage cabinet are insecticides, disinfectants, animal and bird repellents, dyes, wood preservers, cleaning products, solvents and anti-fouling products to name a few. Many of these chemicals are hazardous to humans…